The Writer’s Guide to Horses

by Mac

Saddle up… it’s time to write!

They appear in all sorts of genres, from epic fantasy to the zombie post-apocalypse, but horses can be one of the most difficult topics for authors to get right.

This illustrated guide gives writers a leg up on their fictional equines. You’ll find practical tips for crafting authentic equines in your works, avoiding the most common mistakes, and making your four-legged characters gallop right off the page. Included are essential illustrations, real-world inspiration, historical insights, helpful quick reference guides, example passages, and more.

Topics you’ll find inside include:

  • How to write about horses in terms that horse enthusiasts and laymen alike can understand.
  • How to write your horses as full-fledged characters, equine archetypes, and how the horses in your story can help reveal information about your characters.
  • Horses: how do they work? We’ll take a look at anatomy, different types of equines, and how to choose the right types of horses for your heroes. Quick reference guides to color and markings, body language, emotion, and vocalizations will help you nail the little details.
  • The basics of riding and driving horses, and the most common mistakes that authors make when they’re depicting a romantic gallop through the countryside. We’ll also take a look at horseback combat and a few of the most common ways for humans to die horribly at the hands of their equine companions.
  • Hitting the road with a horse. Where your characters can find lodging, what they’ll need to do to care for their horses, how to handle a water crossing, and whether they’ll need to bring along feed, extra horses, or pack animals. Traveling by wheeled conveyance instead? We’ll cover that too.
  • Worldbuilding a horse-powered society. Inventing new breeds of horse unique to your setting, generating ideas for original tack and equipment, creating a culture with horse sports, festivals, laws, and more.
  • The common mistakes that appear most often in books, movies, and other media featuring horses.
  • And a few horse-centric writing prompts to get you started!

The ebook is available from all your favorite ebook retailers, and the paperback can be purchased from Amazon!