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by Mac

If you find the information and advice here useful, or you’re enjoying my stories and art, and you’d like to support my work, I’d be delighted. Many of the links I post here to products, like recommended reading, are affiliate links that will give me a small commission if you purchase through my links. You can also send me a little something with these:

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You can send a gift, anonymously or not as you prefer, through my Amazon wishlist. I often post items to my wishlist that I’d like to read as research or use in projects posted on this blog, so you can also send something that you’d specifically like to see me write about. If you’d like me to add a particular product to my wishlist so you can send it to me to get my input on it, feel free to contact me!


If you like the stuff I’ve produced here, you can send a tip through Paypal.Me. It’ll help keep me caffeinated, keep my little black cat well supplied with treats and distracting toys so I can get things done, and just generally make me feel appreciated.

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I don’t do sponsored posts; I only post with my own opinion of products after having used them, with the intention of helping others create their own art. But if you work for a company that produces products like sculpting supplies or writing resources, and you’d like to send products for me to try out and possibly include in a how-to or resource post, please feel free to get in touch, and we can figure out whether it’d be a good fit.