About the Writing Prompts

by Mac

These are the “rules,” such as they are, about using my writing prompts:

You can use them to write any story, including ones that you publish. If you do post or publish a story based on my prompts, I’d love a link so I can read it! You can use #mkprompts if you’re posting a story to social media; I’m on Tumblr and Twitter and monitor that tag. (My prompts are also available on Tumblr, so you can just reblog them and add your story if you’d like.)

No attribution, credit, or payment is required. If you really love my prompts, you’re more than welcome to send me a tip, but that’s just a bonus for me. The warm glow of knowing my prompts have helped somebody out is pretty great, too.

You’re welcome to save, collect, Pin, or otherwise gather my prompts for your personal use. I provide an image version of each prompt to make Pinning easier, and of course others saving those pins is fine as well. Please don’t crop off my URL from the bottoms of my images, and please do include a link back to my site when you’re adding my prompts to your collection online, however you’re doing so. It’s just polite really, and it helps other writers find the rest of my prompts, which can be a resource for them.

My prompts can’t be republished as your own, or included in any commercial collection of or including writing prompts. Basically, use them to make your own works from, not to reproduce as prompts. If anybody’s going to benefit in a capitalist hellscape from my prompts, by God it’s going to be me.

My image prompts utilize a background image by Zahaan Khan on Unsplash